The Local Community

A View of Bukit Mundi with a Temple in the foreground

The Hamlet of Tiagan is located just below Bukit Mundi, the highest point on the Island of Nusa Penida, 25 minutes drive from the island's main towns and beaches.. Cooler and less humid than the island's coastal regions, this hilltop location has spectacular, panoramic views of the surrounding countryside and of Balinese Mainland. Tiagan consists of 70 or so households. The most important buildings are the three village temples but there is also a High School, a Laundry, an excellent Warung and a number of small family businesses. From the narrow paved road that runs through the center of the village the land rises sharply through a series of sculpted terraces to Bukit Mundi, the site of one of the island’s most important temples. 

Photo Left: A View of Bukit Mundi 

At a meeting of the Village Banjar

Tiagan is a farming community. Most people keep chickens and some also raise pigs and a traditional strain of delicate cows, specific to the Island and much sought after on Bali.  The local people are kind and hospitable and extremely competent. As tourism on the Island develops, local people are finding additional forms of employment. Our home was built by local workers and artisans, and skilled local people are available to help improve and maintain it. Tiagan is a tight knit community with a sense of responsibility for the well being of all its members,  making this a safe and peaceful place to be. 

                                                                Photo Right: At a meeting of the Village Banjar

People, priests and offerings at a nightime religious ceremony

The Local Community sustains a vibrant cultural and religious life based on traditional Balinese Hindu values.  Religious events typically take place in one of the community's three temples. They are held under the open sky and usually begin just after sunset. Major ceremonies like Galungan and Kuningan  are attended by the entire community from the very young to the very old, and bind the community together as a single devotional whole. At Galungan, ancestral spirits visit the Earth and are present in the temple. It's the responsibility of family members, including those who have left the village, to return and honor these ancestors through prayers and offerings. Part of the charm of this property is the opportunity to be involved and participate in moments like these.

Photo Left: Nyepi (Day of Silence) ceremony at the Village Crossroads.