Map showing Property location


  • Location: Banjar Tiagan, below Puncak Mundi
  • Address: Bungalo Barat, Banjar Tiagan, Desa Klumpu, Nusa Penida 
  • Driving time from Sampalan, Toyapakeh and Crystal Bay: 25 minutes
  • Google coordinates: -8.730895,115.515104 
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Facts and Figures

           Property Type:

  • Income producing freehold property

           Property Size:

  • 14.8 Are (1480 square metes)

            Buildings Size:

  • Main House:102 square meters
  • Bedroom House: 65 square meters
  • Storage Building: 16 square meters
  • Bale: 12 square meters


The property consists of four buildings: 

  • Main house, completed in 2003
  • Bedroom house, completed in 2003
  • Traditional antique Bale (open air pavilion) moved into place and re-thachted in 2005 
  • Gudang (storage building) completed in 2007

The simple but elegant design of the three modern buildings combines traditional Balinese concepts (organic materials like coconut pillars, teak framing and limestone) with modern building techniques (rebar, cinder block and poured concrete).


  • Electricity: Low Tarrif prepaid Electric Service and gasoline powered back-up generator 
  • Water: Piped municipal water backed up with 2 rain-fed underground cisterns
  • Gas: On demand LP gas water heaters (2) and LP gas stove and oven


  • Building Permit, Sertifikat and Hak Guna Pakai Jalan available on request
  • Details regarding the property's current rental income are available on request


  • Friendly, responsible, and supportive community 
  • Competent, reliable and English speaking  support staff